Away From Home: February 21, 2013

This photo was taken on the tundra from our Tundra Buggy. The polar bears in the photo were three of many that we viewed. The bears were gathering on the shore waiting for the ice on Hudson Bay to freeze solid, enabling them to return to their seal-hunting areas. This was a marvelous trip, a once-in-a-lifetime experience of viewing the polar bears in their natural environment.

  • Who: Sally Williams, Pelican Rapids, Minn.
  • What: Polar bears sparring near Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
  • When: Oct. 31, 2012
  • Distance from Fargo: 830 miles

Away From Home: February 14, 2013

Juyongguan Great Wall is the closest wall section from Beijing city center. Also known as Juyong Pass, it is located in an 18 kilometer-long valley named Guangou inside Changping County, about 50 kilometers from Beijing City. It is one of the three greatest passes of the Great Wall of China. I took this photo while on a three-week cultural exchange guided by Chinese officials.

Who: Brenda Elmer, Moorhead
What: Juyong Pass, Great Wall of China, Beijing, China
When: Dec. 3, 2011
Distance from Fargo: 6,081 miles

Away From Home: January 25, 2013

My husband, son and I traveled to Tianjin, China, to visit our daughter, Tricia, and her family. I did not realize how high the Great Wall was until we visited. After walking what seemed a very long time uphill, we rode the cable cars to the top. The steps and slopes are of varying sizes and depths, making the adventure as exciting as running a marathon. High on the mountain we could see the immensity of the Great Wall that goes on for thousands of miles.

  • Who: Pat Pobst, Fargo
  • What: Section of China’s Great Wall near Beijing
  • When: August 2012
  • Distance from Fargo: 5,954 miles