Away From Home: May 27, 2012

The climb to the top was like being in a carnival funhouse. You are going up, but the stars lean and make you feel disoriented. But the view of Pisa ... breathtaking.

  • Who: Cassandra Wannebo, Fargo
  • What: View of the Cathederal of Pisa, Ital and Baptistery from the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • When: March 17
  • Distance from Fargo: 4,763 miles

Away From Home: May 06, 2012

"This area is owned by the Native Americans and the only way to get there is on a guided tour given by them. When you drive up, it looks like a big rock wall with a crack in the middle. When you walk through the crack it is an amazing, almost spiritual experience as they lead you along the ‘magically’ formed walls and tell of their folk stories on how the formations have different meanings. If you are lucky enough to be there midday, when the sun is shining, you will see these shafts of light coming through the cracks in the ceilings. The hardest part of photographing this was the many people inside the canyon, all like me, trying to take pictures of this awesome place and not be in each other’s way."

  • Who: Katherine Plessner, Verona, N.D.
  • What: Light in Antelope Canyon near Page, Ariz.
  • When: April 13
  • Distance from Fargo: 1,476 miles