Away From Home: December 18, 2011

Our family traveled to Hawaii for my daughter’s destination wedding, this unique picture was taken from a helicopter tour that I took of the island. - Steve Mattson, West Fargo

What: USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor
When: Feb. 28, 2011
Distance from Fargo: 4,229 miles
Photographer: Steve Mattson, West Fargo

6 thoughts on “Away From Home: December 18, 2011

  1. Actually…I believe this is the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. Awesome photo. I flew to Hawaii in 1986 and, had I my camera at the ready, I could have captured a similar photo (not as nice as this, however). My mother’s schoolmate died on the USS Arizona. The VFW Post in Harwood, ND, is named after him. RIP to the heroes who perished in Pearl Harbor that day.

    • I was unaware that the USS Missouri is on display in Pearl Harbor. When I was in Hawaii in 1986, I had a day to myself before my travel buddies arrived. I took a Circle Island Tour of Oahu. Our driver and tour guide was a Navy vet and native Hawaiian. He had taken an honorable discharge from his ship — the USS Missouri — a few weeks before the attack in 1941. He re-enlisted, naturally, and was on the USS Missouri when the surrender was signed in Tokyo Harbor. It was incredible to talk with him. Sadly, the other tourists on the tour weren’t too interested in what they considered ancient history. Their loss.

      • Oops…I just looked it up. Our tour guide served first on the USS Nevada. It was the ship that got under way but beached itself before it could sink and block the entire channel. He was, however, on the USS Missouri when the surrender was signed. The USS Missouri was commissioned on June 11, 1944.

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