Away From Home: May 29, 2011

“The drive to Alaska on the Alcan Highway was remote and beautiful with great forests and mountain ranges that seem to go on forever. The divided highway becomes two lanes soon after Calgary and Calgary is not halfway to Alaska. The Alcan road is paved, however the sudden melting permafrost under the highway causes potholes the size of an automobile. Finding gasoline, food and lodging was not a problem. Six weeks of two people in the same car is a real test of a relationship. Driving the Alcan was a lifelong quest."

  • Picture taker: Tom and  Carol Moore, Perham, Minn.
  • What: Wood carving art store near Nome, Alaska
  • When: July 14, 2010
  • Distance from Fargo: 3,000 miles

Away From Home: May 22, 2011

The Weisenburgers wrote that these interesting coastal rock formations were seen near the city of Punakaiki, on New Zealand’s south island. “They are very interesting rocks,” the couple writes. “The beauty is amazing in both islands of New Zealand.”

  • Picture taker:  Catharine and Gaylen Weisenburger from Detroit Lakes, Minn.
  • What: “Pancake Rocks” off the coast of New Zealand against the Tasman Sea
  • When: February-March
  • Distance from Fargo: 8,362 miles

Away From Home: May 08, 2011

"The Brekkens say this photo was “taken while underway onboard the schooner Appeldore. The Appledore is based near Mallory Square on the Northwest coast of Key West, Fla., during the winter months and returns to its home port in Maine during the summer months.”

  • Picture taker: Rod and Jan Brekken of Casselton, N.D.
  • What: Sailboat near Key West, Fla.
  • When: February
  • Distance from Fargo: 1,747 miles

Away From Home: May 01, 2011

"This is the High Temple at the Mayan archaeological site of Lamanai in the heart of the jungle along the New River in the Orange Walk District of Belize, Central America. The structure is 108 feet tall, and if you are brave enough to climb to the top, you can see the neighboring country of Guatemala.”

  • Picture taker: Nancy and Jeff Suttle of West Fargo
  • What: Mayan temple
  • When: February
  • Distance from Fargo: 2,060 miles