Away From Home: April 24, 2011

This view of the Rialto Bridge shows a variety of boats found on Venice’s Grand Canal, from the vaporetto, or water taxi, on the right, to the large and small motor boats to the traditional gondola.

  • Picture taker: Paul and Joleen Backlund of Hickson, N.D.
  • What: Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy
  • When: Sept. 25
  • Distance from Fargo: 4,762 miles

Away From Home: April 17, 2011

Tom and Sharon Archbold traveled to Greece Oct. 26 through Nov. 7, 2010. Tom ran the 2,500th running of the oldest marathon, The Athens Marathon, on Oct. 31. The run began in the city of Marathon and followed the same course as in 490 B.C., and the finish line was in the original Olympic stadium in downtown Athens. Sharon Archbold writes: “The picture was taken at night from our patio of the Athens Gate motel located in the oldest section of Athens, the Plaka District. “The Parthenon has stood atop the Acropolis of Athens for nearly 2,500 years, and was built to give thanks to Athena, the patron goddess, for the salvation of Athens and Greece in the Persian Wars. It ultimately served as a church and then a mosque, until finally it was used as a munitions depot during the Turkish occupation of Greece. Some dispute this, but in 1687, during a battle with the Venetians, an explosion tore through the building and caused much of the damage seen today.”

  • Picture taker: Sharon Archbold of Fargo
  • What: Parthenon in the city of Athens, Greece
  • When: Oct. 30, 2010
  • Distance from Fargo: 5,545 miles